Welcome to Brondum International

Welcome to Brondum International

We design, install and implement energy efficient quality solutions for buildings and industrial plants within the area of plumbing, ventilation, sprinkler, cooling, district heating and energy for the market in Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Norway and Iceland.

A solid supplier that understands your world and needs

We put our employees and knowledge at your disposal – no matter if the job is concerning production facilities in the Faroe Islands or super complicated jobs at Thule Air Base.

We can do this because our employees through the years have incorporated a thorough knowledge and a wide understanding of the companies’ terms and needs abroad.

With you all the way

Brondum International is based in Denmark but work in Greenland and the Northern countries.

And we are with you all the way. So to speak, our employees will follow you all the way and you can count on the same high professional competence that our work is characterized with in Denmark. 

Our references document our specialized experiences from solving unique challenges and projects across geographical, linguistic and cultural differences. We have experience with construction under practically all conditions from icy Thule Air Base to foggy Torshavn, Faroe Islands. 

We take part of the society we do construction projects in

When Brondum venture into projects abroad we always adapt to the society we work in.

This entails that we employ local workers that follow local conditions in order to ensure that the project becomes sustainable for the society.

And our Danish employees become a unique local and cultural knowledge. In the end this entails a better project and will benefit the customer.

How we have helped our customers

"If you need help with energy efficient quality solutions for buildings and industrial plants, do not hesitate to contact me."
Lars Trankjær Direktør (COO)

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