Thule Air Base, Greenland

Thule Air Base, Greenland

Performance of mechanical and electrical installations in connection with the consolidation of the APO, Telepost, BMC post and BX at Thule Air Base.

DKK 54,7 million


US Air Force Space Command


Brondum International A/S

Main contractor



Mechanical and electrical installations in connection with exchange of HVAC system

Among other the project comprised installation of plumbing, ventilation and exhaust, ventilation pipe, test and adjustment of the ventilation installation, air condition system.

Furthermore we have installed high temperature water system, heat boilers, low pressure hot water boilers, air condition in computer room, all electrical installations including security installations, grounding and

Digital control systems for HVAC, electrical, electronic control systems for HVAC and insulation work.

Trade groups used in this reference

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