Always at your service - with advice that creates real value.

Good advice requires clear speech

At Brondum International we take pride in providing the best service and we believe that honest advice creates real value. This means that we continually optimize process and project and adjust the task if it changes along the way.

Our professional knowledge is wide and we take pride in optimizing projects so that the customer gets the best quality and value-for-money.

We are always available to our customers, because the developer's needs and the nature of the project can change along the way.


When you need to renovate your building or industrial plant or complete a construction project, planning is an important place to start. With efficient design we ensure you a completed construction project.

Project Management

Each building and each industrial plant is unique with individual challenges. Therefore, managing and projecting projects is crucial - and that the project management process is followed closely with continuous optimization.


We install and implement energy efficient solutions for buildings and industrial plants within the area of plumbing, ventilation, sprinkler, cooling, district heating and energy for the international market.

How can we help you?

"Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions about our services."
Lars Trankjær Managing Director

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