Large plumbing projects of industrial plants and buildings are often lengthy and time-consuming. Through more than 75 years we have built unique specialist knowledge in managing large projects – and in making sure that the projects are optimized in terms of implementability, design and value-for-money.


Brondum International solves all types of pipe and plumbing works

Brondum International solves all types of pipe and plumbing works regarding international installation engineering contracts.

We provide traditional plumbing solutions with sanitary installations, solar and geothermal heat, sewage solutions and water treatment solutions. We convert heating plants and install heat exchangers, compressed air and vacuum systems.

Within heating, we offer many different solutions from, among other things, traditional district heating, combustion plants, steam and heating systems, boilers, cogeneration plants for more advanced heating solutions based on renewable energy in eg. heat pumps.

We are independent of material suppliers, and therefore we can help our customers choose optimum, production-efficient and environmentally friendly systems and solutions. The authorities have laid down several criteria for this type of work to ensure a professional quality.

Our employees have all the required authorizations, licenses and qualifications to meet the requirements of the authorities.

How can we help you?

"Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions about our services."
Lars Trankjær Managing Director

How we have helped our customers

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