Efficient ventilation technology and a comfortable indoor climate are among other things the benchmark for modern technical building installations.


Ventilation solutions that improve the working climate

An improved indoor climate and a better working climate.

With Brondum International's ventilation systems and ventilation solutions, you get both fresh air into the building from the outside and air circulation inside the building. This creates a healthy indoor climate and a better working climate which result in both a greater job satisfaction and a higher efficiency.

Furthermore, proper ventilation is required in relation to machine equipment, production processes and protection of products.

A wide range of ventilation solutions
We provide a wide range of solutions - from air conditioning to advanced cleanroom solutions and energy-optimized industrial ventilation.

A typical ventilation system usually adjusts humidity, odor and temperature to create a more comfortable indoor climate. The underlying technology includes, for example, air conditioners, heat pumps, heat exchangers and heat recovery plants. Energy consumption is an important parameter in our approach to ventilation tasks.

Our job begins in the design phase
We design and draw in 3D to optimize the projects in the best possible way. It provides the best opportunities to present the developer the chosen solution. It also ensures a very efficient project implementation, which has been tested and coordinated in advance.

How can we help you?

"Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions about our services."
Lars Trankjær Managing Director

How we have helped our customers

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